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Checklist || How Many Foundational Musculoskeletal Issues Do You Have?

Checklist for those looking to understand why you feel the way you do – from a Physio perspective As Physios we see thousands of people a year for a number of issues. Interestingly, there are common musculoskeletal themes that consistently…..


Is Stomach Sleeping Truly Bad For Your Neck?

admin | October 14, 2017

This idea has been around forever. Lying on your stomach will force your neck into an end range position and eventually make it sore. It seems a no-brainer. But what if we’re blaming the wrong thing? What if the position itself…..

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Better Breathing = Better Performance

admin | October 11, 2017

Our ability to breathe properly is criminally underrated. Diaphragmatic vs chest breathing, “over breathing”, breath depth etc are all glossed over generally because we take breathing and breathing quality for granted. One aspect that’s often missed when talking performance and…..

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MYTH: The cause of your injury was BAD LUCK

admin | October 1, 2017

How often do we blame “bad luck” for our injuries? A shitload. However, clinically almost EVERY SINGLE injury that we see can potentially be PREVENTED – whether you had any obvious issues prior or not. It is likely NOT bad…..

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MYTH: Your Back Is “OUT”

admin | September 25, 2017

  Make no mistake here, it’s NOT. Let’s discuss why: Firstly, the spine is reinforced and supported by a series of thick, strong ligaments, connective tissues and bony connections. Each level is separated by a robust yet flexible disc. It’s…..

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Hip Bursitis || Treat The Hip, But Not Just The Hip

admin | September 21, 2017

We’ve had a large number of sore hips come into the clinic recently. A sore hip can be a lot of things but a “Bursitis” at the side of the hip seems to be quite fashionable at the moment. Traditionally…..

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Why Orthotics Need To Go… (Eventually)

admin | September 20, 2017

Orthotics have been a staple treatment for a while now – mainly because they work. By placing something in your shoe to support a poor arch we can usually see a resolution in pain and discomfort, and in most cases…..

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Can depression be treated by lowering inflammation?

admin | September 13, 2017

A recent article was published in the Telegraph referencing something that has the potential to be VERY important for sufferers of depression and anxiety. It notes how depression may have links to an overactive Sympathetic Nervous System and its ensuing…..

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MYTH: Growing pains are a thing

admin | September 2, 2017

‘Growing pains’ are a label given to a lot of the discomfort kids experience as they grow up. In reality they don’t exist. Well… they do, obviously. But they don’t. Traditionally we look at a sore back, we look at…..

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Your Low Back Pain May Be Coming From Somewhere Else.

admin | August 31, 2017

  Do you suffer from a BAND of pain at the base of your back? Or pain that seems to radiate across one side? If so, guess what? We find this pain may be coming from the base of your…..

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Cyril Rioli - Hamstring Injury - Peninsula Physiotherapy and Health

Cyril Rioli || Are We Missing Something With Hamstring Injuries?

admin | July 30, 2017

After such a pleasing response to his post about Jaeger O’Meara and his Patella Tendonopathy issues (here), Grant has been inspired to continue writing about the things he’s seeing clinically. Things he feels might be missed out there in the real world. Today he…..

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