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Osgood Schlatter’s Disease || We’ve Missed The Point Entirely

Grant Frost is our Senior Physiotherapist whose passionate about uncovering the reasons why we suffer the issues we do. He doesn’t believe in bad luck or apologetics – and for good reason. This one is close to his heart. Osgood…..


What Is Normal?

admin | July 21, 2015

It’s a simple question isn’t it? How do we know whether our tissues and joints are normal? Does normal just constitute something that isn’t painful? For starters, it may surprise some to know that the normal resting state of the…..

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Myth #12 || You Can “Pull” A Back Muscle

admin | July 16, 2015

We’ve all been there before haven’t we? At the very least we know someone who has. You feel like you’ve “pulled” a muscle in your back or neck and it sucks. You can’t move properly, you may not even be…..

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Skin Sliding Surfaces || A Limiter Of Mobility

admin | July 14, 2015

Here’s something that a lot of people don’t realise. Did you know that your skin can restrict your flexibility and joint range of motion? It probably sounds a little more obvious when you say it out loud, but nonetheless it’s…..

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Are You Absorbing The Water You’re Drinking?

admin | July 9, 2015

If you try to do the right thing and drink plenty of water throughout the day, it’s important to know whether your hard work is justified. The bar tends to be set somewhere around 8 glasses or 2 litres of…..

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Be More Flexible || Core/Stabiliser Strength Is Critical

admin | July 6, 2015

We’ve discussed over the last few months how stiff and tight tissue is usually more than just stiff and tight tissue. We’ve mentioned that this has ramifications when trying our best to “stretch” as our efforts might be misplaced. Each…..

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Frozen Shoulder || A Gary Ablett-inspired Tale Of Frustration + A Powerful Fix

admin | July 2, 2015

The ‘Little Master’ has struggled so far this year. THE greatest footballer of the modern era has been reduced to a mere mortal – as Chris Judd was a few weeks ago – by his persistent shoulder problem. The effects…..

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Trouble Getting To Sleep? Introducing The “Gut Smash”

admin | June 30, 2015

We’ve all been there – lying awake in bed trying to switch off. Maybe you’ve just competed and can’t wind down. Maybe you’ve had a stressful day at work. But the end result is the same, you just can’t drift…..

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Tight Pants || Can They Be Ruining Your Back?

admin | June 25, 2015

Here’s a weird one. How tight are your pants? Seriously. How tight are they? Do they comfortably stretch when you do? Or are they a more rigid material? We’ve discussed before how tight hips can force your back into positions…..

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Wheat || Is Today’s Version Doing More Harm Than Good?

admin | June 23, 2015

Wheat and wheat-related products have been a staple of our diets for hundreds of years. We’re told that it forms a crucial part of a healthy, balanced diet and for the most part it does… or at least it did……

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