Recliners – The Junk Food of the Sitting World

Heed this warning. Your recliner is most likely setting you on a path to neck and back shittiness.

I’m sure it looks amazing and most likely feels comfortable but it may be coming at an eventual cost.

Here’s why:

Reclining creates unnatural, and unsustainable spinal shapes.

We need to prioritise a neutral, straight spine.

1. Having your feet up requires large amounts of hip and neural slack to allow the back to stay straight. If you don’t have enough, for every inch your feet come up, your back will try and slouch to “make room”.

2. Reclining backwards asks gravity to scoot your bum away from the back corner of the seat, creating a gap which is often filled by your mid-low spine. As the pic above highlights, the hinge should be through your hips NOT your spine.

3. If watching TV, you’d better make sure that for every inch your head goes back, the TV goes an inch higher up the wall. If not you will essentially end up watching TV through your feet. In no way is that good for your neck. Imagine standing upright and then hinging your neck to look at your feet for hours. It’s essentially the same thing.

4. Being comfortable enough to sit in a chair for hours is a horrible thing for the body to go through long term. We are wired for movement. Our bits and pieces thrive when used and the more we create a haven for immobility, the stiffer and shittier our bits become. Put it this way, that time you coughed and hurt your back wasn’t the cough’s fault.

These things are hard to get a sense of in the moment because they aren’t really threatening enough to the body to compell it to let you know.

It may not get you today, but if you don’t smooth out your positions it will take it’s toll eventually.

You can’t eat junk food every day and act surprised when your internal bits give out. Don’t make the same mistake with this!

– Grant

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