Quick Bit | Think of your knee as a joint of consequence

22688816_889437504547485_8490791673219275549_nWe’re often too literal when talking injuries and issues and with a sore knee we are inclined to look at it as just a knee.

Instead, we need to think more broadly. The knee isn’t this hinge joint just floating around in space on its own, it functions as part of a leg.

It’s at the mercy of a stiff ankle. It’s influenced by hip stiffness, tightness and weakness. It’s strings are pulled via the Lumbar spine.

Unless you’ve suffered DIRECT trauma to the knee, it’s highly likely that your mystery knee complaint is a consequence of an issue above or below the joint itself.

By all means treat the knee and it’s symptoms, but think of them as just that – symptoms.

Your “cartilage” didn’t wear away just because, your ITB isn’t annoyed on its own, your Patella isn’t “maltracking” without reason, your ACL didn’t give just because you twisted, landed or turned.

The knee can’t do a thing on its own, so it’s dysfunction can’t be thought of in isolation either.

You just need to go hunting!

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