Frozen Shoulder || A simple stretch to get it moving.

IMG_20171212_075002_436For those who don’t know – Frozen Shoulders are frustrating and they’re usually hard to shake. Some can take years before fully resolving.

A Frozen Shoulder, or ‘Adhesive Capsulitis’, refers to inflammation and stiffening of the capsule that surrounds the shoulder joint (think of a joint snuggly wrapped in Gladwrap). Once the tissue stiffens it limits the joints ability to move and rotate – often becoming quite painful and immobile.

Traditionally we try and mobilise the joint but it’s often a VERY slow and arduous process for most.

There is however a really simple exercise that has the potential to get to the heart of a stiff shoulder. It seems to have great results clinically.

Go ahead and give this a try and see how it makes you feel – even with ‘normal’ shoulders. You might have some stiffness you never knew you had.

1) Find a surface lower than waist-height (the floor works as well). With your shoulders back and arms out straight at 90 degrees, lean from your hips so that your hands are weightbearing on your surface of choice.
2) Gently shift your upper body over towards one side allowing the shoulder to relax. Imagine the upper arm sinking out the back of the socket.
3) Hang out here for at least a few minutes making sure that you can feel a little stretch at the back/outside of the shoulder. It might even feel a little achey. If the front/inside feels a little pinchy then go lower than 90 degrees.
4) Once finished, lift both arms up as far as you can go. You should see an IMMEDIATE improvement in overall flexibility and quality of movement.

This can also be done whilst lying on your back and holding a weight up at 90 degrees.

Its powerful enough that you should expect to see some immediate change – whether your shoulder is “frozen” or not.

– Grant

Photo Credit: @Michelle_polefitdubai on Instagram

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