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New Research: Strength over Ergonomics in regards to reducing work-related neck pain

admin | December 20, 2017

Articles like┬áthis┬áneed to be careful. Suggesting that neck and shoulder strengthening can be useful in work-related neck is fair enough. Reinforcing an area against a sustained, daily load fits perfectly. But to suggest that our positions and postures may not…..

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Frozen Shoulder || A simple stretch to get it moving.

admin | December 12, 2017

For those who don’t know – Frozen Shoulders are frustrating and they’re usually hard to shake. Some can take years before fully resolving. A Frozen Shoulder, or ‘Adhesive Capsulitis’, refers to inflammation and stiffening of the capsule that surrounds the…..

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We don’t need to ice acute injuries anymore.

admin | December 9, 2017

For as long as sport has been on TV we have iced our acute injuries. We’ve done so with the best intentions of reducing pain, swelling and inflammation – all in the name of speeding up the healing process. This…..

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