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Quick Bit | Think of your knee as a joint of consequence

admin | October 27, 2017

We’re often too literal when talking injuries and issues and with a sore knee we are inclined to look at it as just a knee. Instead, we need to think more broadly. The knee isn’t this hinge joint just floating…..

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Is Stomach Sleeping Truly Bad For Your Neck?

admin | October 14, 2017

This idea has been around forever. Lying on your stomach will force your neck into an end range position and eventually make it sore. It seems a no-brainer. But what if we’re blaming the wrong thing? What if the position itself…..

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Better Breathing = Better Performance

admin | October 11, 2017

Our ability to breathe properly is criminally underrated. Diaphragmatic vs chest breathing, “over breathing”, breath depth etc are all glossed over generally because we take breathing and breathing quality for granted. One aspect that’s often missed when talking performance and…..

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MYTH: The cause of your injury was BAD LUCK

admin | October 1, 2017

How often do we blame “bad luck” for our injuries? A shitload. However, clinically almost EVERY SINGLE injury that we see can potentially be PREVENTED – whether you had any obvious issues prior or not. It is likely NOT bad…..

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