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Cyril Rioli || Are We Missing Something With Hamstring Injuries?

admin | July 30, 2017

After such a pleasing response to his post about Jaeger O’Meara and his Patella Tendonopathy issues (here), Grant has been inspired to continue writing about the things he’s seeing clinically. Things he feels might be missed out there in the real world. Today he…..

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Why Core Strength Alone Won’t Save Your Back

admin | July 25, 2017

For those working hard on their core strength – keep it up. It’s vital for a healthy back. Just keep the bigger picture in mind. A strong core is certainly useful, but it doesn’t garauntee normal spinal function – or…..

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Research || Do tattoos impact our ability to sweat?

admin | July 23, 2017

  An interesting study was published earlier in the year studying the effects of tattooing and it’s impact on our ability to sweat. Seen traditionally as a niche activity, tattooing has shot to prominence as a fashion accessory over recent…..

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