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Low Back Pain Series – Day 14: Deep Breathing || Can It Help Solve Your (Chronic) Pain?

admin | February 14, 2017

  Welcome to the final installment of our 14-day coverage of important low back pain topics. Over the previous 14 days we wanted to shed some light on the things that we find just aren’t focused on enough when trying…..

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Low Back Pain Series – Day 13: IMPORTANT – Chronic Back Pain || Your Mental Health CANNOT Be Ignored

admin | February 13, 2017

  Throughout this series of posts on low back pain we are trying to shed some light on the everyday things that set our backs up for success and failure. In essence most, if not all, of the issues we…..

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Low Back Pain Series – Day 12: (Neural) Flossing || Not Just For Your Teeth

admin | February 12, 2017

It’s time to loosen up those nerves. An often underrated apsect of low back dysfunction is increased neural tension. It is important to note that our nervous system is somewhat of a fixed length – with little elasticity. Think steel…..

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Low Back Pain Series – Day 11: Do Away With Regular Sitting || Sit Cross-Legged

admin | February 11, 2017

  If yesterday’s post on standing isn’t an option or you just have to sit and can’t get away from it, why not get back to your childhood roots and sit cross-legged instead? At this point it’s probably a good…..

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Low Back Pain Series – Day 10: Standing Desks || Avoid The Horrors Of Sitting Altogether + PRO TIP

admin | February 10, 2017

Welcome back to day 10. Today we focus on prevention. By default, the health industry always has a strong focus on treating the symptoms of back pain. Medications, massage, exercises, acupuncture, taping, even surgery are all in effect trying to…..

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Low Back Pain Series – Day 9: Loosen Those Hips || 3 Essential Hip Mobility Exercises

admin | February 9, 2017

Welcome back to our ongoing series on low back pain. Over the last two days we have discussed how crucial hip flexibility is when wanting a healthy spine. The idea being that the stiffer those hips are, the more we…..

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Low Back Pain Series – Day 8: The Hip Hinge || Make A Hinge Where You’re Supposed To

admin | February 8, 2017

The Hip Hinge is not a well known movement. But it should be. As mentioned yesterday, we find one of the biggest risk factors for a sore back is limited hip flexibility. The idea being that less hip range forces…..

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Low Back Pain Series – Day 7: Protect Your Lower Back || Unglue Those Hips

admin | February 7, 2017

For those that have an issue with their back, and let’s face it – most of us do, have you ever had a conversation with your hips before? Whether your back is sore or just plain stiff, restricted hips can…..

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Low Back Series – Day 6: Sore Back? Get Your Balls Out + PRO TIP

admin | February 6, 2017

As we progress through our series of posts on low back pain, it’s important to have a simple strategy to call upon for basic maintenance or self-rehab. Using a ball has almost become a cliché, but for good reason. It…..

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Low Back Pain Series – Day 5: Low Back Scans || See How You Look NOT How You’re Supposed To Feel

admin | February 5, 2017

Hello again, and welcome back to day 5 of our 14-day look at all things low back pain. Today is an important one. As an industry, we generally associate injury with scans. For a long time we’ve used what appears…..

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