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Low Back Pain Series – Day 1: The Back’s BIGGEST Concern || Learn To Keep It Straight

admin | January 31, 2017

Welcome to our 14-day Low Back Pain Series dedicated to the most important things surrounding the health of our low backs. We hope to delve in to the very simple things to do, look out for and understand about fixing…..

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How To Conquer Your Injured AC Joint || Have You Missed This..?

admin | January 15, 2017

Hands up if you currently have, have had or hope to avoid an Acromioclavicular (AC) joint issue? If so, there’s one VERY important factor that’s easy to overlook in today’s AC joint rehabilitation. Upper back stiffness. Most people are aware of the AC…..

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|| Take The WEAR Out Of Footwear ||

admin | January 4, 2017

Do your shoes look like this from behind? Have you worn away the outer portion of the sole? What does it say about you? Put aside for a second the obvious (and hideous) amount of heel the pictured shoes have…..

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