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Improve Your Sleep Quality || Create a better SLEEP ENVIRONMENT

admin | September 19, 2016

Our sleep is easy to take for granted. How much conscious thought have you put into it’s quality? Yes we need a suitable mattress and yes we need an appropriate pillow, but what’s the optimal room temperature for a good…..

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Wim Hof Breathing || You Need To Try This For Yourself

admin | September 14, 2016

Remember this face. This man has the potential to influence the way we think about the body like no one before in modern medicine. All because of something we take for granted every day. Our ability to breathe. In Physiotherapy…..

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Breathe Away Your Pain || Not As Hippie-ish As You’d Think

admin | September 8, 2016

There is something exciting happening in modern medicine at the moment in regards to pain management. What’s interesting is that it does not include medication – a necessary evil in today’s climate of chronic pain, disease and dysfunction. It doesn’t…..

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Heeled Shoes || An Excellent Way To Ruin A Good Ankle

admin | September 5, 2016

Take a moment to consider your footwear. How much of a heel are you packing? It might surprise you to know that any heel differential at the back of a shoe is potentially hazardous. Sneakily so.   For some reason…..

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