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Persistent Patella Tendonitis || What You Might Be Missing

admin | May 31, 2016

Patella Tendonitis can be hard to eliminate quickly and for those finding it hard to do so – read on. You might be missing one crucial piece of the puzzle. The tendon at the front of the knee often becomes…..

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Tips for Flying || Don’t Let It Ruin You Physically.

admin | May 19, 2016

Flying is a necessary evil in today’s world. One that unfortunately comes with consequences. Being stuck in a cramped seat for hours on end with poor food and beverage choices doesn’t help. Jet-lag? Uggh, don’t get us started. How long…..

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Hanging || The Benefits Of Something Simple

admin | May 16, 2016

In today’s busy world it’s easy for our adult lives to be missing one or two important ingredients. As kids we lived a (relatively) stress-free life filled with fun and play that challenged our bodies to its full extent. One…..

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Low Back Pain || Unglue Those Hips

admin | May 9, 2016

For those that have an issue with their back, and let’s face it – most of us do, have you ever had a conversation with your hips before? Whether your back is sore or just plain stiff, restricted hips can…..

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Fatigue || What If It’s NOT Just A Fitness Thing?

admin | May 4, 2016

Fatigue is inevitable unfortunately. If you do something long enough or hard enough it’ll hunt you down and ruin that perfectly innocuous hill. Thankfully in most cases it’s a welcome experience. It’s a sure fire sign that you are pushing…..

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