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(Neural) Flossing || Not Just For Your Teeth.

admin | April 29, 2016

It’s time to loosen up those nerves. An often underrated aspect of low back dysfunction is increased neural tension. It is important to note that our nervous system is somewhat of a fixed length – with little elasticity. Think more…..

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Static Stretching || It’s Time To Move Past It

admin | April 24, 2016

Please keep the following in mind – passively holding a stretch for a short amount of time does NOT result in looser and more mobile tissue – particularly before exercise. Despite the fact that this type of stretching has been…..

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Is It Really “Just An Age Thing”?

admin | April 18, 2016

Short answer? No. Not even close, thankfully. But why does that back suddenly become an issue the older we get? Why are your joints suddenly being labelled “arthritic”? Into your 40s and 50s and starting to accrue bad knees? Why?…..

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Recurring Ankle Sprains || Think Stiffness Not Just Weakness

admin | April 14, 2016

For those who suffer repeated ankle injuries, we tend to focus on strength and balance for the long term fix. Most injured ankles do require this type of re-wiring as an injury will certainly rob you of these factors, however…..

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Do NOT Swing Your Child By The Arms

admin | April 6, 2016

Following on from our post earlier today we’d like to continue to focus on the potential dangers of swinging your child around by the arms. How often are you walking next to your son or daughter when all of a…..

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