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Eliminate Your Hamstring Issues || Strengthen And Mobilise Your Trunk

admin | January 13, 2016

If you’ve suffered a Hamstring issue before – anything from long term “tightness” to a tear or injury – then we have a problem. If you’ve suffered from multiple episodes then we have an even bigger problem. And despite what…..

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Run Faster || Go Barefoot

admin | January 11, 2016

For those in training and looking for a sneaky speed boost, try this simple tip. Ditch the shoes. By going barefoot, we can start to tap into the body’s own spring system. As the front half of the foot contacts…..

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Are Your Feet Healthy? 

admin | January 4, 2016

We often take our feet for granted don’t we? They are our main connection to the ground, yet we barely ever see them in the flesh, let alone take the time to consider how healthy they are. The following are…..

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