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Knee Cap Pain || Not Just About The Knee.

admin | December 23, 2015

Pain at the front of the knee is one of THE most common knee issues we see across the board. Whether you run, jump, cycle or walk that anterior knee can get sore. Most can appreciate the anatomy of the…..

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Myth #18 || No Pain, No Gain

admin | December 17, 2015

One of THE most recognisable slogans on Earth has a lot to answer for. “No Pain, No Gain” has heavily contributed to a skewing of the perception around pain and what is acceptable. The idea being that pain should not…..

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Plantar Fasciitis || A Joel Selwood-Inspired Tale Of Foot Soreness

admin | December 15, 2015

With news breaking this morning that Joel Selwood will have a restricted start to his 2016 AFL preseason, it’s a good chance to (unfortunately) use his misfortune to talk about a common foot complaint. Plantar Fasciitis. If you check out…..

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Proper Walking Technique || Ever Thought About HOW You Do It?

admin | December 8, 2015

We’d like to ask an interesting question… How well do you walk…? Like sleeping and breathing it’s something we can easily take for granted. And like sleeping and breathing, it’s dysfunction can have widespread consequences for our bodies. Here is…..

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Improve Your Grip Strength || Sort That Neck Out

admin | December 2, 2015

When dealing with grip strength, we usually think about hand, wrist and forearm strengthening. And that makes sense. But it may not be the whole story. Gripping serves an important function by allowing us to connect to an object and…..

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