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Myth #17 || You’re Naturally Inflexible.

admin | November 24, 2015

Is this you? Have you always felt hard done by in the bendiness department? Have you always had a rough time touching your toes or reaching up behind your back? Well guess what… That’s not you. Or at least it…..

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Thigh Strain || The Hamstring’s “Ugly Sister”

admin | November 18, 2015

A Quad injury can be a tricky and reoccurring beast. Quadriceps injuries can take a little longer to settle than most. An injured Hamstring can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks, whereas the timeframe for a return to activity post-Quad injury…..

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Jump Higher || Unglue Those Stiff Ankles

admin | November 16, 2015

For most of us, improving our athletic ability generally involves trying to get stronger. If we want to jump higher we practice some form of jumping – box jumps, box jumps with weight, jumping down and then back up in…..

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THE Ultimate Hip Mobility Exercise || It Won’t Disappoint

admin | November 12, 2015

As mentioned earlier in the week during our look into groin pain, a stiff and dysfunctional hip has a LOT to answer for. With our lives forcibly centred around sitting and sitting-based activities, there aren’t many of us currently immune…..

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Groin Pain || Let’s Make It “Hip” Again

admin | November 9, 2015

Groin pain is a tricky beast. As an athlete it can quickly rob you of your agility and power, or it may not. It may be debilitating or it may not. Everything might be painful. Or it may not. One…..

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Shoulder Blade Pain

admin | November 6, 2015

Most of us have experienced a pain around or “under” our shoulder blades before. Interesting tattoo’s aside, there may not even seem to be an obvious cause for them. We often feel like there’s a “knot” in and around there,…..

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